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Your skin needs a plan!

Skin is my favorite fabulous mystery. While we have learned a great deal about this amazing organ, from time to time everyone could use a skincare angel to know just exactly what our skin needs. Many factors play into growing better skin: nutrition, sleep quality, stress levels, medication and lifestyle choices can all impact how your skin performs. My goal is to help you better understand your skin and choose products and treatments that significantly improve your skin’s performance. Your skin needs a plan!

Products matter. Knowing your skin condition is important, and finding the correct products are critical. At Abundance, we are proud of our product lines because they each bring something proprietary and unique to their formulations.

Method matters. While each person’s individual needs may differ, our successful method for coaching your skin into happiness is displayed when you visit our new online shopping experience:

Cleanse + Exfoliate + Treat + Hydrate + Protect

Cleansing Matters. Like all the organs in the body, timely nutrients support better cellular performance, so following a schedule morning and evening is beneficial. During the night, the liver works hard to detox the body, emitting toxins onto the skin’s surface as we sleep. All day long, environmental toxins are captured on the skin’s surface. Follow these easy cleansing steps morning and evening to make sure your skin is clean and ready for the right product.

Facial Cleansing Instructions

Have on hand:

· Cleanser for your skin type*

· 2 clean wash cloths

· Warm (not hot) water

1. Take 2 pumps of cleanser on damp fingers. Massage gently into skin, working all the

way up to your hairline. (Tie back hair if necessary.) This step removes make-up and superficial debris. Rinse well.

2. Take 2 more pumps of cleanser and massage well with fingertips, beginning at the neck and work your way up to your forehead. Use your fingertip gently in a circular motion. This step leaves your skin perfectly clean. Rinse well several times.

3. Pat gently dry with a clean washcloth, using a blotting (not rubbing) motion.

4. Follow with products in this order:

a. Eye cream (AM and PM)

b. Serum (retinol serums – evening only)

c. Moisturizer (AM and PM)

d. Daytime: SPF

*For help in choosing the perfect cleanser for your skin, call 650-560-9600.

Look for the next blog in our method series that will discuss the role that proper exfoliation plays in your skincare plan.💕

Love and Light,


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