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How to use the Omnilux Contour mask

Watch the full length video for application, process and prodedures!

Based on the same high quality medical-grade LED technology that you’ve come to expect from Omnilux, the Contour FACE is a sleek, affordable, flexible and easy-to-use new design that contours perfectly to each client.

The only flexible LED mask cleared by the FDA for medical indications - the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles - Omnilux Contour FACE utilizes both red and infrared wavelengths of light, producing maximum results for which
Omnilux is known and valued worldwide.

  • Anti-Aging

    8  OMNI-LUX Sessions 
    Starting at $1,040

    Our most effective non-invasive anti-aging treatments are a powerful combination of professional exfoliation and the use of LED technology. We use OMNI LUX medical LED technology to stimulate collagen products for smoother, firmer skin. We create a customized series to meet your skincare needs to address elasticity, hyperpigmentation, texture and hydration. 8 sessions to be performed twice weekly. Bloom occurs at 4 months from first appointment. Repeat process annually. Sessions are designed to address each person’s unique skincare goals.

  • Skin Perfection

    8  GentleWaves Sessions
    Starting at $760

    A perfect introduction to anti-aging services or a re-set after vacation or illness. A series of 8 facials delivered once weekly using a gentle chemical peel and GentleWaves LED. This treatment improves collagen production for firmer skin, lightens brown spots, and smooths fine lines around the eyes and mouth.

  • Clarifying

    12  OMNI-LUX Sessions
    Starting at $1,560

    This treatment protocol combines the OMNI LUX blue and red LED therapies with our 30% peels to eliminate the acne-causing bacteria 81% more effectively than prescription antibiotics, combined with effective home care and dietary modifications. This series of 12 facials to be performed twice weekly.

Customized Treatments

All of our facials are uniquely crafted to meet to your skin care needs
  • Abundance LUXe

    Starting at $225

    Our luxury facial is customized at every stage of the process, and includes a thorough cleanse and ultrasound exfoliation, gentle AHA peel, and a hydrating masque. A relaxing head and neck massage followed by a vitamin C-infused microcurrent treatment complete the experience. This is an ideal facial for those who deserve a respite from everyday stress and a deep replenishment of the skin’s resources. 

  • Skin Perfection

    Starting at $95

    Our signature facial and very best skincare value. Includes a 30-minute clinical exfoliation, AHA peel and LED session deeply cleanse and hydrate the skin, resulting in immediate radiance.

  • Purify

    Starting at $85

    Congested, oily skin is deeply cleansed, nourished and fully hydrated with this gentle and effective treatment. This treatment is ideal for maintenance for acne-prone clients.

  • Nourish

    Starting at $140

    A deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation, followed by our most hydrating masque.  Relax into the BioMat and head, neck and shoulder massage.  Customized with products specifically for your skin.



Adding any of these to your facial treatments will enhance results even more.
  • Superceutical Peel

    Add to any facial for $35

    An active 30% peel works deeper to slough more dead skin cells, but without irritation.  Recommended for stubborn hyperpigmentation and lines.

  • Stem Cell Therapy

    Add to any facial for $100

    This unique treatment utilizes stem cells which are slowly introduced to the skin for maximum absorption. They remain active in the skin for 6 days after application, with visible results immediately. This is an ideal addition to any facial for restoring the balance of distressed skin, and especially beneficial after a medical peel. 

  • Vitamin C Infusion

    Add to any facial for $50

    Liposomal vitamin C is topically applied to the skin using microcurrent to nourish, strengthen and brighten the skin. 

  • Ultra Sound Therapy

    Add to any facial for $50

    A gentle, effective technique using ultra sound and water removes stubborn debris in the skin and penetrates nutrients for a generous jumpstart for your skin.



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