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custom facials

All of our facials are uniquely crafted to meet to your skin care needs and include a deeply relaxing Biomat experience

Abundance LUXe

Our luxury facial is customized at every stage of the process, and includes a thorough cleanse and ultrasound exfoliation, gentle AHA peel, and a hydrating masque. A relaxing head and neck massage followed by a vitamin C-infused microcurrent treatment complete the experience. This is an ideal facial for those who deserve a respite from everyday stress and a deep replenishment of the skin’s resources. 

Skin Perfection

Our signature facial and very best skincare value. Includes a 30% clinical exfoliation and LED session, resulting in immediate radiance. Recommended for all skin types.

$140 / 60 minutes
$225 / 90 minutes


This calming, organic facial features turmeric to soothe and replenish the skin. An effective enzyme peel dissolves layers of dead cells, leaving the skin soft, refreshed and radiant.  Relax into the Biomat for a generous head, neck and shoulder massage.

$140 / 60 minutes


Congested, oily skin is deeply cleansed, nourished and fully hydrated with this gentle and effective exfoliation treatment. This treatment is ideal for maintenance for acne-prone clients.

$110 / 45 minutes

series treatments

Our series packages offer dramatic results for optimum value


Our most effective anti-aging treatments are a powerful combination of just-the-right-amount of exfoliation delivered with LED technology. OMNILUX LED technology stimulates collagen production for smoother, firmer skin while reducing fine lines and hyperpigmentation (brown spots).  We customize your series to meet the specific needs of your skin.  You will experience improved elasticity, hyperpigmentation, texture and hydration. 8 sessions to be performed twice weekly. Bloom (full results) are measured 4 months from first appointment. Repeat process every 8-12 months. 


8 Sessions, 60 minutes, 2 sessions weekly for 4 weeks at $140 each
$560 + $395 for Device

Purchase Contour or UnVIELED LED mask device for at home use. 1 session weekly for 4 weeks in the salon and 2-4 LED treatments at home.


A perfect introduction to anti-aging services or a re-set after extreme stress, vacation or illness. A series of 8 facials delivered once weekly will re-program the skin’s ability to heal and regenerate using a customized gentle exfoliation program and Omnilux LED session. You will experience a reduction in redness, and greatly improve cellular metabolism and skin tone

60 minutes $140 per session: $1,120
Includes head, neck, shoulder and arm and hand massage
30 minutes $110 per session: $880
Yields the same clinical result as above when time is of the essence (without massage)


This treatment protocol combines the OMNILUX blue and red LED therapies with our 30% peels to eliminate the acne-causing bacteria 81% more effectively than prescription antibiotics, combined with effective home care and dietary modifications. This series of 12 facials to be performed weekly.

45 minutes $120 per session: $1,440


Adding any of these to your facial treatments will enhance results even more

Superceutical Peel

An active 30% peel works deeply to slough dead skin cells, but without irritation. Recommended for stubborn hyperpigmentation and lines.

Add to any facial for $35

Vitamin C Infusion

Liposomal vitamin C is topically applied to the skin using microcurrent to nourish, strengthen and brighten the skin. 

Add to any facial for $50

Ultra Sound Therapy

A gentle, effective technique using ultra sound and water removes stubborn debris in the skin and penetrates nutrients to awaken the skin.

Add to any facial for $50

Wax on, Wax Off

Tidy up with a customized facial waxing package  – brows, lip, chin and jawline as needed.

Add to any facial for $50

HydroGel Masque

Wake up dehydrated skin with this deeply penetrating hyaluronic acid treatment and watch your skin come back to life.

Add to any facial for $35


Watch the full length video for application, process and prodedures!


Based on the same high quality medical-grade LED technology that you’ve come to expect from Omnilux, the Contour FACE is a sleek, affordable, flexible and easy-to-use new design that contours perfectly to each client.

The only flexible LED mask cleared by the FDA for medical indications - the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles - Omnilux Contour FACE utilizes both red and infrared wavelengths of light, producing maximum results for which
Omnilux is known and valued worldwide.

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