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Start the new year off right

Dear Friends,

As the year closes, Abundance begins its 19th year, and I’m feeling especially grateful to still be here after the challenging dynamics of a global pandemic. I appreciate all the kindness and consideration offered by our dear clients that contribute to our everyday safety. Working with you is the most gratifying work I have ever had the pleasure to do!

And we are growing! B Larsen, our gifted massage therapist, has returned after 7-1/2 years at the Ritz Carlton. I am so grateful to work with her again. I hear constant feedback from happy guests who appreciate her adaptive skills.

I am excited to introduce our new functional nutrition practitioner, Sonya Matthysse and her practice, Purely My Life Nutrition + Wellness.

Sonya started her practice in 2018 as a Certified Nutrition Consulting through Bauman College offering nutrition consulting services. In 2020, she earned her Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition® - a credential -- the highest level of professional recognition (validating her knowledge and experience) in the holistic nutrition industry. To maintain this designation, she is required to take part in and document numerous continuing education units every two years.

In addition to her professional credentials, Sonya completed training as a Restorative Wellness Practitioner, achieving a proficiency in the use of cutting-edge gut microbiome, hormone, food sensitivity, and blood chemistry testing to help you learn how to support and rebalance your body through diet, supplementation, and lifestyle changes.

As an introduction to our community, Sonya is offering a 21-Day Purification Program beginning January 2, 2023. This cleanse program uses diet and nutritional supplements by Standard Process to support the detoxification stages of the liver by replacing the Standard American Diet (SAD) with an anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense diet and high-quality nutritional supplementation. The program is a perfect way to start 2023 as we come out of the indulgences of the holidays.

This program helps your body release toxins and jump-start your metabolism. Just a few of the benefits reported by her clients include better quality sleep, reductions in food reactions, and even weight loss. If you are ready to kick start your health journey through this purification program, please contact Sonya Matthysse by email at for more information.

Thanks to each of you for the privilege of working with you. However you choose to celebrate, have a wonderful holiday season! I look forward to helping you reach all your skincare goals in 2023.

Love & Light,


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