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Set an intention for your skin

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Thanks for stopping in! Today were discuss Step 3 - TREAT from our skincare method at home -- the path to beautiful skin.

Cleanse + Exfoliate + Treat + Hydrate + Protect

To put it simply, treating the skin is the ultimate act of love for your skin -- when you choose and apply your serum. “Serum” is a very broad category of products that have unique ingredients targeting a specific skincare goal. Generally speaking, to be effective, most serums must consist of very small molecules in order to penetrate the skin and reach the dermis, affecting a longer-acting change in the skin’s behavior. Serums can be calming, nourishing or active, so you will always want to know how the serum you choose fits into your overall exfoliation plan. The TREAT step is where you set your intentions for your skin.

It’s important to apply serum to well-prepared skin. You’ll get the most out of the serum if the skin is perfectly clean, free of excess oil, and exfoliated skin will better absorb your serum. If you missed them, you can find the original post for Steps 1 - CLEANSE here and Step 2 - EXFOLIATE here.

The serum you select will determine whether it is applied in the AM or PM. Most exfoliating serums such as retinols will always be applied at night, because they are likely to interact with the sun and cause sun sensitivity.

Here is a line-up of our favorite high-performance serums at Abundance. Although eye creams are considered a part of the serum category, we’ll address those in a future post (it’s a big category!).

From Priori

Skin Renewal Cream – an exfoliating serum which softens and brightens

Gel Perfecteur (formerly Perfection Facial Gel) – an exfoliating serum to balance oily skin

Brightening Serum – a retinol serum with Priori’s proprietary anti-aging molecule

Recovery Serum – a DNA repair serum for all skin types, accelerates cellular repair and reverses specific types of DNA damage.

From SENTE Labs

Bio-Complete Serum – a lightweight, gentle and effective retinol serum with HSA analog to promote your skin’s collagen production

Bio-Complete Cream – a stronger, creamier version, complete with HSA analog to firm the skin

Pressed Serum – the most active, most effective of SENTE’s firming serum

An anti-aging favorite that covers all the bases:

  • Recovery Serum - AM and PM

  • Brightening Serum - PM only

  • Pressed Serum - AM and/or PM, your choice

Feel free to call for a consult to determine which serum is the one for you!

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