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Updated: Jan 12, 2022

As we begin 2022 -- and our 18th year helping you grow more beautiful skin -- I want share these skincare facts that continue to inspire me:

1) The skin is an organ – yes, like your heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, etc.

2) If you live to be 100 years old, your skin is still working 24/7 to repair itself, right up until your last breath.

3) Products matter way more than I ever imagined.

4) LED is the future of skincare. Specific LED lights will dramatically improve the way your

skin ages.

And here is why.

The skin is an organ – a very complex organ. Neuron messengers are being transmitted

constantly, reporting the current status of all the skin’s functions, while receiving instructions on how to keep everything in balance. Whether it’s a blood vessel, oil or sweat gland -- even dead skin cells -- play a critical protective role in the function of this amazing organ. As with your heart or brain, the skin benefits from regular care and feeding so it can metabolize properly (think the digestive process for your skin). A regular daily schedule for cleansing and treating the skin, along with daytime SPF, will help to keep your skin stress-free and in top condition.

Your skin doesn’t stop repairing itself until your last breath. Think about that. The skin is in a constant state of repair at all times, especially while you sleep. There are many elements to growing beautiful skin including eating whole, organic foods, quality sleep, managing stress and consistent, selective active skincare products. Skin, at any age, can be dramatically improved when you encourage it through each stage of it’s growth cycle.

Products matter. More than ever. During Esthetics training in 2004, I was very skeptical about products because retail skincare marketers are not bound by strict rules. Potential buyers are at the mercy of dramatic claims but no evidence. As a result, I believed that organic products were the answer to the lack of industry integrity, and the solution to all skincare problems. With 3 premium organic skincare lines in my treatment room and on retail shelves, and after the first 3 years in the treatment room, I observed a high rate of client sensitivities/reactions to the organic products. This is not what I wanted to believe, but it was clearly happening. Further education, research and experience taught me that many clients' sensitivities and allergies are related to troubled digestive system and because botanicals are strong natural ingredients, they can be very irritating, especially if the liver and/or digestive processes are already in distress. Therefore, I searched for responsibly formulated synthetic products in addition to my organic lines, and since then have learned how to incorporate both philosophies for the best anti-aging results.

LED lights will dramatically improve your skin. When we are 20 years old, it takes 24 days for a skin cell to perform its life cycle. At 65-70 years, its around 90 days. Therefore, a regular monthly facial may not be the best solution for anti-aging work, because you're working on the same dead layer for nearly 3 months. This will not yield a significant change in the skin's surface. LED is a strategic solution to the aging process and here's how it works:

When you compress approximately 12 of our proprietary anti-aging LED treatments into a 4-week period, your body's collagen product is stimulated to produce collagen as if you were much, much younger. Four months from your first appointment, you will experience the "bloom," when all of the skin cells that were at the bottom of your dermis on Day 1 are now visible on your skin's surface. After the last of your 12 sessions, your body continues to escalate collagen production for a total of 4 months (even though you are not continuing the treatments) . At the 4-month mark, the production stabilizes collagen production for approximately 4-8 weeks (depending on your age and body chemistry) then rapidly declines back to normal collagen production by the beginning of month 11. Thus, repeating this 4-week process every 10-11 months will keep your body's collagen production at optimum levels for many months.

This is strategic skincare.

But not all LED lights are created equal. LED devices were first used during the 1950s by NASA to help astronauts heal large body bruises (from bumping into things while free-floating around a space cabin with no gravity). These devices penetrated far-infrared light deeply into the skin to support rapid healing. In the 70s, Dr. David McDaniel’s research adjusted the frequencies of the LED, utilizing near-infrared with other frequencies that improved the surface of the skin. The Omnilux technology continues to be the world leader in LED for skincare and is clinically proven to reduce lines and hyperpigmentation (brown spots), while calming redness and firming the skin by rapidly accelerating the body’s own collagen production.

With the newest LED skincare technology, we have time-saving new options for experiencing the benefits of LED light therapy for your skin, and options for treatments at home. We have LED devices for the face, one for the neck and decollette, one for your hands, and a special new LED mask for treating mild to moderate acne.

Call 650-560-9600 to schedule a consultation for a customized skincare plan, or book online at

This is the year of Inspired Skincare!

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