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PRIORI Q+SOD fx210 - Active Cleanser

6 fl oz / 180 ml

    PRIORI Q+SOD fx210 - Active Cleanser

    SKU: Q-210-180
    • Pore Refining, Pigmentation, Inflammation, Resurfacing

      Gentle enough for daily use, but advanced enough to provide corrective benefits, PRIORI’s Superceutical facial cleanser features antioxidants plus mild AHA exfoliators for a deep cleansing and pore refining. A smart face wash adapting to your lifestyle, its light lather in the morning is enough to keep you feeling clean and fresh throughout the day, while a nightly routine restores and prepares your skin for tomorrow.

      • CoQ10 + SOD act as antioxidants, skin correctors and protectors.
      • 12% Lactic Acid for a mild exfoliation, skin renewal and hyaluronic acid booster.
      • 0.5% Salicylic Acid for deep cleansing, oil and bacteria control and skin decongestion

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