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Q+SOD Enlightening Peel Pads


    Q+SOD Enlightening Peel Pads

    • Brightening, free radical protection, pore minimizing, professional strength

      These Enlightening Peel Pads, enhanced with Retinol, are perfectly designed to provide the multi-functions of skin exfoliation, deep hydration, brightening and advanced skin smoothing so you can achieve your ideal skin. Strong enough to help visibly improve the appearance of skin texture, these peel pads are also well-balanced for safe and frequent use. Enjoy your most luminous complexion. 

      • CoQ10 & Superoxide Dismutase for brightening and free radical protection
      • Lactic Acid for efficient gentle exfoliation and hydration
      • Retinol for collagen stimulation and elastin production
      • Salicylic Acid to help treat periodic breakouts

      Contains 30 pads infused with pH safe peel solution. 25% AHA, pH 3.45