• The Biomat is a medical device created to produce the benefits of a FAR infra-red sauna without having to build a traditional sauna room onto your home.   It provides warmth and relaxation similar to energy radiating from the sun.  These rays not only benefit muscles on the surface of the body, but impact cells and bodily tissue deep within the body.  The warm, stimulating waves temporarily increase local circulation.  This deep-tissue heating relaxes the muscles and tissues surrounding the joints, relieving pain and discomfort.  While there is an abundance of evidence to support the Biomat’s use for pain management, we use the Biomat in our treatment room for an immediate reduction of stress.   Since it was designed in 1997 and registered by the FDA, many health care professionals recommend the Biomat, based on positive feedback in these areas:

      • Improved circulation and cardiovascular function
      • Improved immune system function
      • Pain Relief
      • Increases calorie burn supports weight control
      • Easts joint pain and stiffness
      • Reduces stress and fatigue
      • Improves skin
      • Assists in the body’s detoxification process
    • The Biomat is a medical device that generates Far-infrared heat, medium infrared, and negative ions.  Negative ions have an alkalizing effect on the body.  Negative ions increase inter-cellular communications and facilitate cellular metabolism, which increases nutrient uptake, hydration, and excretion of cellular waste.  Negative ions help to counteract effects on the body from positive ions emitted from everyday electronic devices.  By refracting the infrared heat waves through a layer of amethyst crystals, the Far infrared is organized into geometrical patterns promoting higher bio-compatibility which, based on research from Korean scientists, suggests that the additional of the amethyst crystal layer allows our bodies greater utilization of the Far infrared light.

      The Biomat is an elegantly designed device that integrates easily  into any home.   For questions about the Biomat, please call 650-560-0600.



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